Our Process

1. Submit Your Gas Service Request

Fill out a Gas Service Request on our site, or give us a call and we will get the process started for you. Want to reach us by phone? Contact Us here.

If your location is able to be served we will submit your paperwork to construction for field verification.

2. Send Membership Packet

Your packet will include the application for membership as well as all other necessary paperwork to complete the application process. Also included are a summary of all service line regulations and certified service line installers. Have more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

3. Field Verification

During the field verification process, a technician will verify the pipeline and tap location. Then if no further rights or actions are necessary, a stake will be placed where the tap site will be. Once this process is complete and the paperwork verified, we will send your membership

4. Schedule Tap & Tie In

Once your membership packet has been completed and returned with your payment, and you have notified us that your service line has been installed, the next step is to call in to schedule your tap & tie in. To find a certified contractor in your area, click here.

5. Schedule Turn On

Following Tap & Tie In, call in to the office to schedule a turn on, during your scheduled turn on, someone must be present in the residence to light an appliance; we do not enter the home. Once complete you will be ready to enjoy the benefits of natural gas.

Have Questions Or Just Want To Learn More?

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